BIG Make It to the Semi-final of the Roobet Cup by Beating Eternal Fire

BIG won the Roobet Cup quarterfinal match against Eternal Fire with a score of 2:1 (Overpass - 16:10, Dust 2 - 14:16, Nuke - 16:7).

BIG will play a game with the winner of the pair Cloud9 - 9z on Wednesday. The match will take place today at 8:00 PM.

Two remaining quarterfinal matches will be held on Tuesday between teams ENCE - FaZe and forZe - Astralis at 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Roobet Cup took place on June 22 - 30. Teams play for a prize pull of $250,000. You can follow the progress of the tournament here.