1WIN May Skip European RMR

1WIN May Skip European RMR

One of the 1WIN players has problems leaving Russia.

1WIN has successfully passed the open qualification for the European RMR. The team is already on the list of participants in the tournament. However, the team may miss the event due to the political situation.

1WIN player Igor lollipop21k Solodkov announced on his Telegram channel that due to partial mobilization in Russia, the team might miss the European RMR. Igor glowiing Macievich falls under the law on mobilization and has problems leaving the country.

Today, from 10 am, the chances of leaving for Malta have fallen. We have a team member who served - glowiing.
Igor lollipop21k Solodkov

The post has now been deleted.

In case of missing the tournament, 1WIN will be replaced by the Illuminar team.