1WIN sign fostar on trial

1WIN continue to reshuffle after sensational flamie signing.

1WIN have big expectations for the 2022 season and continue to perform roster changes.

1WIN announced trialing of Stanislav "⁠fostar⁠" Ostashevskiy. Previously the team benched Vadim "⁠Polt⁠" Tsyrov and Danil "⁠Ravenlot⁠" Bikvaidze, so changes were expected as 1WIN needed two players to fill vacant spots.

fostar joins 1WIN on trial basis
fostar joins 1WIN on trial basis

Fostar wasn’t lucky with the teams he joined. He started his career in pro100, and after 2 months the team disbanded. The two next teams shared the same fate, and his longest stint was with Trasko, but there were no decent results with them.

His previous fostar’s team was Nemiga, and it will stay so if 1WIN aren't satisfied with the trial. With the addition of fostar 1WIN have completed their roster for 2022.

1WIN roster for 2022: Egor "⁠flamie⁠" Vasilyev, Aleksandr "⁠glowiing⁠" Matsievich, Aleksandr "⁠TRAVIS⁠" Timkiv, Denis "⁠deko⁠" Zhukov, Stanislav "⁠fostar⁠" Ostashevskiy, Vadim "⁠MSE⁠" Zimin (coach).

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