4glory sign a new roster

4glory are making a dream Serbian roster.

4glory took the opportunity to buy two new players and a coach from ONYX.

4glory enter a new era
4glory enter a new era

ONYX were disbanded after their first appearance at the big event. The team failed to advance to the main event, winning only one match in the play-in. ONYX decided not to resign the players and 4glory took two players and the coach from the roster to enhance their team and make a dream Serbian roster.

New players of 4glory: Aleksa “⁠Impulse⁠” Stankić, Dimitrije “DiMKE⁠” Veljković. Impulse is considered as one of the best AWPers on the Serbian scene, who has already played in international teams. But later he decided to move from an English-speaking team to avoid problems with communication and develop the domestic scene.

4glory roster: Aleksa “⁠Impulse⁠” Stankić, Dimitrije “DiMKE⁠” Veljković, Luka “⁠c0llins⁠” Živanović, Filip “aVN⁠” Belojica, Vladan “⁠Kind0⁠” Mandic, Filip “⁠fajkus⁠” Konatarević (coach).

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