AGO sweep Complexity in Group D at ESL Pro League

AGO achieve their first victory at the event.

The second day of Group B at ESL Pro League has started, and the first match has already come to a close.

AGO faced Complexity. Both teams lost their first matches in Group D.

AGO picked Dust 2 and collapsed in the first half. Complexity easily seized an early advantage and finished CT side 12-3. AGO fought back but didn’t manage to come back, losing the map 16-11.

AGO go to 1-1
AGO go to 1-1

Complexity chose Ancient. The first half was competitive, but Complexity still made it to 8-7 in their favor. The Polish team gained control of the game after the sides switched and destroyed Complexity 16-11 on Ancient.

The decider was Vertigo. AGO showed outstanding performance on the T side, winning nine rounds. And the Polish squad continued to outplay their opponents, and Complexity couldn’t stop them. The last map of the standoff ended 16-12 in favor of AGO.

AGO get their first win, while Complexity add the second defeat to their account.