All Ranks Have Been Reset In CS: GO

Valve has updated the rating system.

On August 2nd, Valve released a small patch that changed the CS: GO ranking system. One of the changes was the reset of the rank of all players.

To regain the title, you must win one match that will launch the recalibration.

Usually, when we make changes to the CS: GO matchmaking system, they are so minor that we do not include them in the patch notes. However, today's update affects all players, so some clarification is required. When you start CS: GO, you will see that your rank is not displayed - you will need to win another match to get it again. Most will see that their rank has changed, but some will find themselves in the right place anyway.
Official message from Valve

In the same message, Valve announced the end date for the sale of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 stickers. They will disappear from sale on August 8th.