Analyst: "ElectroNic Shouldn't Be the Captain Of NAVI"

Analyst: "ElectroNic Shouldn't Be the Captain Of NAVI"

The analyst advises the team to return the player to the previous role.

Jakob Pimp Winneche believes that Denis electroNic Sharipov should stop being the captain of NAVI and return to the role of rifleman. He expressed his opinion in the HLTV Confirmed podcast.

ElectroNic shouldn't be in-game leading NAVI whatsoever. That's the main issue they need to solve and to figure out a guy who can come in – I was even thinking of Jerry [forZe IGL] or someone like that to come in a be the IGL so you can free electroNic to do what he should be doing on the server.
Jacob Pimp Winneche

Pimp also described the problems of electroNic in the role of captain.

We were obviously blindsided by what happened at the beginning with the whole Boombl4 situation. electroNic did well at Lisbon [BLAST Spring Finals] where he was in-game leading and having a fantastic tournament buying him you know three or four months where no one would question that move whatsoever. But we've seen him struggle a lot from an individual point of view.
Jacob Pimp Winneche

How Much Worse Did ElectroNic Performance Become After the Role Change?

ElectroNic's performance suffered after the player switched roles, which is visible to the naked eye. However, how much worse has electroNic become?

At the first major of the year, PGL Major Antwerp 2022, he played the rifleman role while Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov was the captain. That event was far from electroNic's best, but he still performed well and finished the tournament with a 6.2 rating.

ElectroNic's stats at PGL Major Antwerp 2022
ElectroNic's stats at PGL Major Antwerp 2022

At the last tournament of the year, when the player had already gotten used to the role of captain, he still didn't manage to show a good individual performance. BLAST Premier World Final 2022 was one of NAVI captain's worst tournaments. He finished with a score of 5.5.

ElectroNic's stats at BLAST Premier World Final 2022
ElectroNic's stats at BLAST Premier World Final 2022

ElectroNic's statistics became significantly worse with the change of role.


What Does NAVI Do?

NAVI is currently tied hand and foot. It is easy to say that they just need to find a new captain, but there is simply no suitable player in the transfer market right now. Andrii B1ad3 Gorodenski, the team's coach, spoke about this earlier.

[Aren't you afraid that the team won't have enough electroNic firepower?] I'm more worried that we won't have a captain. We don't have IGL in the CIS region, so I'm not scared [of a lack of firepower]. The main goal for the team is to have IGL. And I think this is what everyone should understand: fans, talents. This is the base, the foundation. It can be a star player who calls. Maybe b1t or sdy or npl? Of course, this should be an experienced player, and everyone should understand this.
Andrii B1ad3 Horodenski

Therefore, the team has no choice now: they must continue playing with electroNic at the IGL position. There are no captains on the market, and the current one has already proven that he can handle the role. He needs more practice. We saw excellent matches from electroNic as IGL, when he not only brilliantly coordinated the team but also showed excellent individual performance.

Therefore, it is impossible to replace electroNic with the second captain, and the player still has something to say about this role. In the 2023 season, IGL NAVI will likely start performing much better.

When Does NAVI Play?

NAVI will start its season on January 19 with the start of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. All information about the tournament is on its page and in our materials.