Anonymo, AGO to ESEA S38 Premier upper bracket final

Two teams down, six squads still in play.

Second day of the event.

With all eight teams still in the race for the ESL Pro League Season 15 spot, ESEA Premier Season 38 Europe playoffs continued on the second day of the tournament.

Wisla Krakow eliminated Sangal Esports from the tournament in the lower bracket, as they won both Inferno, “16-12” and then added an overtime win on Nuke, “19-16” to the scoreboard. LDLC started with a Vertigo victory over Sprout, “16-8”, but the German mix fought back on Inferno, “16-13”. A “10-5” lead on Dust2 looked to be enough for Sprout, but the second half was all about the French unit, as LDLC won the map, “16-12”, advancing to the next round with a “2-1” victory. A hard fought series in the upper bracket gave Anonymo Esports a win over BLINK, as the Polish lineup won Vertigo in the overtime, “19-17” and then added a regulation victory on Inferno, “16-14”. Another Polish team, AGO Gaming had an even more convincing performance in the upper bracket on the second day, as they dropped DBL PONEY to a lower one with a “16-5” win on Ancient and a “16-6” victory on Vertigo, taking the series for themselves, “2-0”.

With six teams remaining in the race, the battle for the EPL spot is going to come down to the very last day of the tournament.