Astralis sweep EG in the BLAST Premier Fall opener

Astralis sweep EG in the BLAST Premier Fall opener

An important victory for the team.

First match of the entire event.

New season of BLAST Premier Fall started with Astralis facing off Evil Geniuses in the group A opener. Neither team was considered as a favourite in its group to advance so starting with a win was even more important than usual.

Back and forth to start Dust2, EG managed to obtain a narrow lead on their offence, but a switch to defence did not prove to be fruitful, as Astralis ran over bombsites and went on a spree of rounds to close the first game out, “16-11”. Moving to Nuke, it was the Danish team’s offence to do the work, as they picked up a monstrous “11-4” lead going to the defence and despite EG’s best efforts to come back into the map, it was over at “16-10”, as Astralis picked up a “2-0” victory.

Next the Danes will face off a winner of Team Vitality-Team Liquid match, while Evil Geniuses are going to face the loser of the very same game with a relegation to the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown on the line.