Astralis eliminate ENCE from IEM Katowice 2022

Astralis survive in group B.

The opening round of the lower bracket has ended, and another team has been eliminated from the group stage.

Astralis faced ENCE. Both teams have lost their matches.

Astralis knock ENCE out
Astralis knock ENCE out

ENCE picked Mirage and seized early advantage on the T side, winning nine rounds. However, Astralis made a comeback transferring the game into overtime. Danish team managed to acquire one round, but ENCE were much more confident and finished the map 19-16.

Astralis chose Overpass, and the first half was close, but the Danish team managed to win it 8-7. ENCE couldn’t stop them after the sides switched, losing the game 16-12.

Ancient was the decider, and Astralis started the first half with domination. However, ENCE returned to the game in the second half, making the score equal. But Astralis showed outstanding performance in the end, winning the decider 16-13.

Astralis are preparing to face the loser of the FaZe vs fnatic clash while ENCE leave the tournament.