Astralis eliminate NAVI from group B at Blast Spring Groups

NAVI surprisingly lose two matches in a row.

The lower bracket matches of group B at Blast Premier Spring Groups have started, and the team to take 4th place in the group have been decided.

Astralis faced NAVI in the first match of the lower bracket. Both teams surprisingly lost their first clashes against OG and MIBR, respectively.

NAVI continue to struggle
NAVI continue to struggle

The match with the domination of NAVI. Astralis didn’t manage to stop them at the beginning of Mirage. However, after 6-0 Danish team stabilized the score ending the first half with a score of 8-7 in favor of the CIS team. After the sides switched, Astralis seized advantage, but NAVI managed to win 6 matches in a row to transfer the game into overtime. Overtime was close, and NAVI struggled to take the last rounds and finish the game while the Danish team tried to come back. In the end, Astralis won 2 rounds in a row to finish the game 19-17.

NAVI unexpectedly go to the first round of the Knockout stage, while Astralis are preparing to face MIBR in the consolidation final.