Astralis knock down MIBR in the opening round of IEM Katowice Play-In

Astralis take their first win at IEM Katowice.

Another match of the opening round at IEM Katowice 2022 Play-In has been finished, and another team achieved their first victory.

Astralis faced MIBR in their first match at IEM Katowice. Danish team failed Blast Premier Spring Groups and wished to come back.

Astralis achieve their first victory at IEM Katowice
Astralis achieve their first victory at IEM Katowice

The teams decided to play Nuke, and it was not the best map for MIBR. However, Brazilians showed confident performance on the CT side, finishing the half with a score of 9-6. After MIBR won two rounds in the second half, Astralis started their comeback and achieved their first victory 16-11.

Astralis are preparing to face the winner of the BIG vs Movistar Riders clash, while MIBR are falling to the lower bracket of the Play-In to fight for their life.