Astralis overcome NIP to stay alive at Blast

Astralis have managed to beat Swedish opponent.

The second match of the lower bracket at Blast Premier World Final 2021 has been finished and the second team to leave the tournament is decided. Astralis have beaten NIP to stay alive.

Astralis stay alive after difficult standoff
Astralis stay alive after difficult standoff

The first map was picked by NIP and this Inferno was a nightmare for the Swedish team. Astralis didn’t give any space to NIP and closed the first half with a score of 12-3. They just needed to finish the job and Astralis did it winning the map with a score of 16-8.

The second map was much more spectacular. Mirage is a good map for both teams and the game was incredibly close. However, NIP managed to show better performance on the T side and finish the map with the closest score possible – 16-14.

The decider was Nuke and NIP started their domination early but Astralis did an amazing comeback to get even and transfer the game to the overtime. And the Danish team destroyed their opponent with their confidence finishing the map with a score of 19-16.

NIP leave the tournament while Astralis are preparing for the loser of the Gambit vs Liquid clash.