Astralis is the Pick'Em favourite among the community

The community's choice.

The people have spoken.

As PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is coming closer and closer, the community tries to chase the diamond coin and predict the brackets perfectly from the first stage to the championship match.


With the first Swiss system stage featuring sixteen teams, the most popular pick to sweep the competition is the reigning champion, Astralis - more than a third of the votes are inclined to believe that the Danes are going to advance to the next round. Heroic are the the only team to have more than 10% of the votes in that category while Sharks Esports and paiN Gaming have less than a percent. Expectedly enough, Sharks Esports, TYLOO and paiN lead the charge in the “0-3” bracket with “41,1”, “25,4” and “9,0” percent of the votes respectively.

Astralis, FaZe Clan, Heroic, ENCE Esports,, BIG and MOUZ are the public favourites to make it to the next round, as all seven have higher than 80% votes in that category. Team Spirit are 8th with 42% right now, while less than every tenth puts paiN Gaming or Sharks Esports into the second round of PGL Major Stockholm, the first Major in two years.