Astralis switch Xyp9x and Lucky for EPL S14

Astralis switch Xyp9x and Lucky for EPL S14

One more roster swap.

Another roster change goes official.

Astralis have announced that they will play ESL Pro League Season 14 with “Lucky” holding the AWP, which pushes arguably the best clutcher in the CS:GO history, “Xyp9x” on the bench once more.

That and the fact that “Xyp9x” said in an interview, that he is open to offers and will evaluate his options, only adds fuel to the fire, as “Magisk” and “dupreeh”’s contracts are set to expire by the end of the year, as well as “Xyp9x” and head coach “zonic”. It is unlikely that core is not going to play together during the RMR events, as Astralis would face points penalty which would not help in qualifying for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

For now, however, Danish team will field a young AWPer, as “Lucky” will debut in the tournaments of such caliber. Astralis open EPL against Team Spirit at the end of the day and the possible victory will all but guarantee them a spot in the playoffs right after the season restart.