Astralis take down IHC; Spirit get first win

Two more matches ended.

Two more matches of the first day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challenges Stage came to a close, and there were no close confrontations either.

In the first game, Astralis faced IHC. It was IHC's first match at the international event.

The teams chose Nuke. Astralis immediately seized the advantage, and the first half ended with 13-2 in favor of the Danish team. IHC tried to resist, but Astralis could not be stopped, and they won the match 16-2. Xyp9x distinguished himself by showing KD 19-7 and ADR 114.

Astralis go to 1-0
Astralis go to 1-0

The second match was the confrontation between Imperial and Spirit.

The Brazilians failed to gain a foothold on Dust 2 and lost the first half with a score of 10-5. After the sides switched, Spirit gained confidence and did not leave a chance to their opponents, winning the map 16-6. The best player of the match was Patsi with KD 25-12 and ADR 110.

Spirit and Astralis go to group 1-0, while Imperial and IHC will have to fight for victory against the teams with 0-1.