MAD Lions complete "b0RUP's signing

MAD Lions complete "b0RUP's signing

An unexpected upgrade.

Another roster change before the final months of the season.

MAD Lions, stuck in a lengthy rebuild under the leadership of “kuben”, decided to buy “b0RUP”’s out of his deal with Heroic, allowing him to join the young squad.

Dane, who played for Heroic during their ascension to the very top in the middle of 2020, was moved to the bench in the beginning of 2021 and once HYENAS project fell apart, did not play for any other team. Now there is an opportunity to play alongside “TMB”, who is widely considered as one of the biggest Danish talents and a young mix of players, struggling to find an identity and break through the lower tier of competition.

It remains to be seen if “b0RUP” is going to be playing permanently, since MAD Lions use the six-men lineup, but this is a step in the right direction for the Spanish organisation, as the entire team is going to be bootcamping in Madrid in upcoming weeks.