B1t: "It Would Be Nice for Astralis If dev1ce Join Team"

NAVI player Valery B1t Vakhovsky and streamer Ilya Fander Bagreev discussed the rosters of MOUZ and Astralis.

Fander: MOUZ is now in shape. They even have a good streak. They beat NIP. I always thought dexter was the problem because I don't really like him. And JDC came from an academician, but it's hard for him to play in the first team. Do you think Astralis needs a replacement? I think they need dev1ce, don't they?

B1t: It would be good for them if dev1ce join team.

Fander: I would probably trade Xyp9x for Valde. Gla1ve needs to pick up the shape a little. I don't even know who can replace him. The whole game is built on blameF and k0nfig.

Today, July 15, MOUZ and Astralis will play against each other in the quarterfinals of IEM Cologne at 16:30. You can get acquainted with the pre-match statistics here.