Bad News Bears Lose Against EXTREMUM and Liquid

Bad News Bears Lose Against EXTREMUM and Liquid

EXTREMUM and Liquid defeat Bad News Bears, allowing them to secure spots in the double-elimination playoffs.

Liquid and EXTREMUM succeeded in the elimination match in Group B, as they sent Bad News Bears packing. This is the first time for EXTREMUM to be participating in North America after leaving 100 Thieves. The match they played with Bad News Bears was a test that they passed with no problems.

After winning this match, they secured a spot in the double-elimination playoffs. On top of that, they will also play against Liquid.

Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad spoke about his team after the victorious match. “It's been rough for us since we started the team,” he said. “The EU scene is hard, the tier 2 and tier 3 teams play well, they shoot hard. We've been putting in a lot of work and we're hoping it will pay off in NA because this is where we became a good team."

Despite being in the lead for a while, Bad News Bears faced a strong EXTREMUM, and in the end, their opponents were the best ones in the last moment. Now, we should wait and see how EXTREMUM will perform against Liquid.

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