BIG destroy Party Astronauts at ESL Pro League

BIG reach their first win.

ESL Pro League continues, and another match of Group C has come to a close.

BIG faced Party Astronauts. Both teams lost their first matches at the event.

BIG take down Party Astronauts
BIG take down Party Astronauts

Party Astronauts picked Overpass and weren’t successful on the T side. BIG started the map with domination and 11 rounds in the first half. After the sides switched, Party Astronauts showed resistance, but it was not enough, and their European opponents finished the first map 16-9.

BIG chose Dust 2 and took control of the game in the first half. However, Party Astronauts still won 6 rounds on the CT side. BIG continued to dominate in the second half, and the American team weren’t able to stop them. The last map of the standoff ended 16-10 in favor of BIG.

BIG get their first win, while Party Astronauts suffer from the second defeat in a row.