BIG eliminate Evil Geniuses from Blast Spring Groups

The last North American team leave the tournament.

The last match of the opening round of the Knockout stage at Blast Premier Spring Groups has been finished, and another team have left the tournament.

Evil Geniuses faced BIG in the opening round of the Knockout stage. Evil Geniuses weren’t able to win a single standoff in group C, while BIG took third place in group A.

Another North American team leave Blast Premier Spring Groups
Another North American team leave Blast Premier Spring Groups

Evil Geniuses picked Overpass and showed dominating play style throughout the whole map. The first half was competitive, but on the CT side, the American team destroyed their opponents finishing the map with a score of 16-8.

BIG decided to play Dust 2, and this map was much more curious. The European team showed confident performance at the beginning of the T side, although EG managed to fight back, and the first half ended with a score of 9-6 in favor of BIG. American team tried to win more rounds on the T side, but BIG denied the attempt of a comeback, winning the second map 16-12.

Vertigo was left over, and it was not Evil Geniuses’ strong map. They were pretty successful on the CT side but struggled after the sides switched. It resulted in BIG winning the decider 16-10.

BIG are preparing to face Astralis in the second round of the Knockout stage, while Evil Geniuses are leaving the tournament to enter Spring Showdown.