BIG leave first EU RMR open qualifier; the four qualifiers revealed

The first EU RMR open qualifier has ended.

The first RMR EU open qualifier has already ended, and the first surprises has been brought.

BIG were eliminated by Wisla Krakow in the round of 16 of the first EU RMR open qualifier. It was a surprise as BIG were the favorites of the qualifier. However, Wisla Krakow didn’t have any problems with BIG as they won the game 16-10. BIG will have 3 more chances to qualify for the European RMR event as there are three more qualifiers to be held.

BIG will have to try again
BIG will have to try again

However, even knocking BIG out didn’t help Wisla Krakow to qualify for the RMR event, as they were eliminated by Dignitas one step away. Three other teams to take the first four places are AVE, HEET, and OG. Movistar Riders, fnatic, K23, B8, and Spirit weren’t able to finish the qualifier in top-4 and will have to try again just like BIG.