BIG, Movistar Riders open with wins at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

A pair of games on the same map.

The opening day of the competition.

With half of the first round being complete, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 kept up with its scheduled games. trying to get through the slate and move to the next round of the Swiss system.

Another darling of the IEM Fall Europe, Movistar Riders debuted at the Majors against Renegades, the best team from Oceania, capable of upsetting anyone. Both teams ended up on Nuke, one of the most comfortable maps for each side and then went back and forth in the first half. Down “4-6”, the Spanish team pushed the pace on its offence and turned some unfavourable situations around, including a “2v5” in the 13th round, not only winning the half, but taking ten rounds in a row to get ahead, “14-6”. The Australian mix did not tap out, however, as Renegades reduced the deficit to two at “13-15”, but Movistar Riders managed to snatch the last round before the overtimes for their first win on the biggest stage in CS:GO, “16-13”. The same Nuke featured BIG and Entropiq - another pair of teams, which are very experienced by playing on the nuclear plant. A couple of blunders by BIG allowed Entropiq to take a lead at halftime, “9-6”, but the CIS team could not capitalize on the low economy while up “12-10”, as BIG held on their defence, winning the map “16-13” and improving to “1-0”.

With six matches being complete, the first round is two games from being over, as the Major is picking up pace.