BIG upset NAVI at EPL S14

BIG upset NAVI at EPL S14

Not undefeated anymore.

A massive curveball is thrown.

Natus Vincere, undefeated after two rounds of play, opened the third day of ESL Pro League Season 14 against BIG, who went “1-1”against Evil Geniuses and Fnatic to start the competition.

Early lead for the CIS squad on Dust2 quickly disappeared, once BIG managed to take control of the economy, as the German team snatched a narrow lead before the switch. Going from defence to offence did not help Natus Vincere at all, as BIG controlled the pace of the game and started with a convincing “16-11” win. Moving to Mirage, one of the recent NAVI staples, world ranking leaders ran into the wall, as their offence was met at every angle and did net them only five rounds at halftime. Defensive half did not provide much optimism either, as “tabseN”s team quickly hit “15” and despite dropping two in a row, closed the game “16-7”, “2-0”.

With that win BIG moved right back into contention for a top-3 finish in the group, as they are going to finish against FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses, while Natus Vincere have the same matches remaining, albeit no tiebreaker over BIG in a potential run towards the first spot and a direct quarterfinal berth.