BlameF About Natus Vincere: "They Proved They Deserve to Be One of the Best In the World"

Astralis player Benjamin blameF Bremer shared his opinion about Natus Vincere. The esportsman noted that the team could replace anyone from the roster and continue to perform at the highest level.

I have a lot of respect for NAVI. Whoever they kick and take, they have a solid foundation of coach, s1mple, electronic and B1T. It's hard to play against these crazy riflers. Now NAVI is a great team and always has been. They have proven that they deserve to be among the best in the world. NAVI continues to do this regardless of whether they change players or something like that.
Benjamin blameF Bremer

BlameF joined Astralis in November 2021. During this period, the team did not win a single tournament.