BlameF Became the Best Player During the Second Day of the Roobet Cup

The Dane continues to show a very high gaming level.

The second day of the Roobet Cup 2022 has ended, and now we can look at the detailed statistics to determine the leaders.

Only two matches took place as a part of the second day. That is because the game of Astralis against Movistar Riders was postponed from the first day.

So, blameF became the best player on the tournament's second day. The Dane player scored 8.6 during the cyber fight with Movistar Riders. Also, BlameF continues to be an essential part of Astralis and the best player on the team. Riefler finished the match with KD of 47-22 and ADR of 114. blameF often uses an aggressive play in the recent game against Movistar Riders. As a result, he made nine open frags, which is the best result in the match. Also, the Dane made 14 multi-kills, one of which was a quadruple kill. BlameF also dealt the most damage with frag grenades - 253 damage. The total damage of the Dane was about 4.8 thousand.

The closest pursuer of blameF was XANTARES. The Turkish player finished his match against ENCE with a score of 7.0, but his team, Eternal Fire, still lost the game.

BlameF also became the leader in eSports form growth (+25%).

The top three players by average rating in the tournament became: blameF, sh1ro, Twistzz.

Roobet Cup 2022 will continue today, and we will find out the four playoff participants.