BLAST Announced the Tournament Calendar For 2023

BLAST Announced the Tournament Calendar For 2023

Tournament operator BLAST announced the calendar of its championships for 2023. The company, as always, will hold two large LAN tournaments with spectators and end the season with a world final.

The main change in the BLAST Premier series was the updated format of the group stage: all matches will be played until two wins. In the announcement, the tournament operator said that open qualifiers will be held before the Showdown championships. Qualifiers will be held in all regions and separately for Eastern Europe. However, the statement doesn't specify whether teams and organizations from Russia will be allowed to participate.

BLAST Premier tournament calendar for 2023:

  • Spring Groups — January 19-29
  • Spring Showdown — April 11-16
  • Spring Final — June 6-11
  • Fall Groups — July 13-23
  • Fall Showdown — October 3-8
  • Fall Final — November 21-26
  • World Final — December 12-17

In addition to BLAST's standard series of championships, in 2023, the company will hold its first CS:GO Major: Paris Major 2023. The tournament will be held from May 8 to 21 in Paris, France. A press conference about the upcoming Major is planned for tomorrow, January 11, which will be held in the Eiffel Tower with the participation of French esports athletes. You can read more about it here.

Spring Groups will be the closest BLAST Premier series competition. The tournament will be held from January 19 to 29 in a studio format. The teams will draw a prize fund of $177 500 and six slots for BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2023. You can follow the progress of the tournament here.