BLINK eliminate LDLC, stay alive in ESEA Premier S38 Europe

Three teams remain in the running.

Fourth day of the tournament.

With four teams in the running in the ESEA Premier Season 38 Europe playoffs, it was time for the lower bracket final to find out who would move to the weekend games for the ESL Pro League Season 15 spot.

DBL PONEY looked to clinch their own pick of Vertigo, as they led “10-5” on the defence, but BLINK managed to nearly shut out the French team’s offence, giving up only one round before securing the map, “16-11”. Ancient turned into an absolute brawl, as neither team could go on a massive run, with BLINK obtaining a narrow lead on their offence, “8-7”. Back and forth in the second half, teams traded eight clutch rounds between each, as DBL PONEY reduced the deficit to one at “14-13”, but BLINK closed the map with two rounds in a row, winning it “16-13” and the entire series, “2-0”.

With DBL PONEY out of contention, BLINK are going to face Anonymo Esports for a chance to go against AGO Gaming in the grand finals of the event.