Boombl4 to join NaVi in the tournament area

IGL is cleared to compete.

At the start of IEM Katowice, Kirill "⁠Boombl4⁠" Mikhailov was tested positive for COVID-19 and moved to quarantine. However, today the situation changed.

Boombl4 returns to the team
Boombl4 returns to the team

ESL reported that Boombl4 had been tested negative for COVID-19 and was free to compete in the tournament area. NaVi have already finished their debut match at the tournament. The CIS team won the standoff against ENCE. NaVi’s IGL was playing from his hotel room, and the team didn’t need to use a stand-in.

However, NaVi would need to find a stand-in in case, Boombl4 was COVID-positive before the playoff.

Today, NaVi will face FURIA in the upper semifinal of group B.