Broky Became the Best Player of the Roobet Cup's Seventh Day

The FaZe sniper led the team to the semi-finals.

The seventh day of the Roobet Cup 2022 has ended, four teams have left the tournament, and now we can determine the day's leaders.

Broky finished the game day with the highest rating
Broky finished the game day with the highest rating

Broky scored the highest rating. The FaZe sniper finished the match against ENCE with a rating of 7.8. His KD in this matchup was 57-29, and his ADR was 99. The player made 14 multi-kills, including three quadruple and six triple kills. Broky showed a lot of highlights in this match. In addition, the sniper scored the best statistics on exchanges, and his indicator was 12-6. The player also won 83% of open duels, which is the best result in the match. These statistics helped broky to show the best accuracy in the match, and around 24% of his shots hit the target. At the same time, its accuracy with AWP was 54%. Also, the sniper didn't forget to use grenades. He blinded opponents for 82 seconds and dealt 13 damage with fragmentation grenades. The total damage dealt by broky was 5.3 thousand.

The closest pursuer of the FaZe sniper was blameF. The Dane once again became the best Astralis player and finished the match with a rating of 7.4. His KD was 59-41.

Broky was also the top player in terms of form growth (+26%).

The best three players by average rating of the tournament are sh1ro, blameF, torzsi.

Roobet Cup 2022 will continue today, and two more teams will remain in the tournament.