Bubzkji Named Patsi One Of The Best Replacements For Misutaaa In Vitality

Analyst and former Astralis player Lukas Bubzkji Andresen named the best players who could be a suitable replacement for Kevin misutaaa Rabier in Vitality if the transfer of Lotan Spinx Giladi from ENCE does not take place.

Let's try something new. I will try to find four alternative players if Vitality's Spinx deal doesn't go through.
Some Vitality players will likely have to change roles because Spinx is not a completely identical replacement for misutaaa. This most likely means that Magisk or apEX will become a mainstay.

1. LauNX, Sprout, 17 years old. Plays many similar roles, mostly a rifleman, but can also be a hybrid player. His age makes him an interesting replacement. He does well in tier 2. However, he lacks experience and has not shown a high level of play on LANs yet.

2. FASHR, ECSTATIC, 26 years old. The roles match. He has a high level of individual play and does not play with AWP, but dominates the tier-2/3 scene. The problem is that with his arrival, Vitality will not be able to rejuvenate the squad. He also doesn't have much LAN experience for his age.

3. Patsi, Spirit, 18 years old. Probably not an easy deal. The player is most likely cost much. However, he is a good match in terms of roles among the whole four - this is the most reliable option. He has experience playing tier 1 teams and is a hybrid player. His English is not bad, but will it be enough to play Vitality?

4. Staehr, Sprout, 18 years old. Despite little experience, a great player is surprisingly strong in LAN tournaments. Not as flashy as the others, but a stable shooter with the potential to become a real star.
Lukas Bubzkji Andresen

Earlier it was reported that Vitality is looking for a replacement for misutaaa amid unsatisfactory team results. Most likely, the club will find a new player before the start of BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 in mid-August.