Can beat Cloud9 at IEM Cologne 2022?

On July 7, will face Cloud9 in the group B match at IEM Cologne 2022. If you look at the statistics of the teams' last games, you can see that the team of Vladislav nafany Gorshkov is the favorite of the confrontation.

Let's look at the shape of the commands. C9 has won 10 of the last 15 meetings and is approaching the tournament as the winner of IEM Dallas 2022. However, things are not so simple for VP. The Bears have recently updated their roster and are still going through a period of adaptation.

It took me about a month to get used to Jame's style of coordinating.
David n0rb3r7 Danielyan

The team of Jami Jame Ali won 7 out of 10 possible victories in the updated roster. showed significant progress at the Play-In stage compared to the performance at the Roobet Cup, but there is no limit to perfection.

Cloud9 and shape
Cloud9 and shape

Cloud9 also outperforms in terms of win percentage on various maps. On Ancient, the team of Vladislav nafany Gorshkov has a win percentage of 100%, while VP has 0%. C9 does not pick this card, but if the opponent decides to take it, then she has something to give the opponent. But Vertigo Cloud9 likes to choose (win rate 80%), and prefers to ban this map (win rate 44%). The Bears are actively picking Dust2 and Inferno. These maps have a win rate of 62% and 69% respectively. C9 prefers to ban these maps but can play them too (50% win rate on each). On Overpass and Mirage, Cloud9 has a higher win rate, and both teams ignore Nuke.

Cloud9 and map statistics
Cloud9 and map statistics

The last time the teams met was at PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Then C9 turned out to be stronger. The team of Vladislav nafany Gorshkov won the Mirage with a score of 16:12. Detailed statistics of both teams can be found here.

IEM Cologne 2022 takes place on July 5-17 in Cologne, Germany. Teams compete for a $1 million prize pool. You can follow the schedule and results of the championship here.