Paqueta, Bravos to final four at CBCS RMR

Paqueta, Bravos to final four at CBCS RMR

Two down, two more to go

No upsets at CBCS RMR after two matches.

While MIBR and Sharks Esports are going to play on Friday, CBCS RMR has resumed with the likes of Paqueta and Bravos moving on to face each other in the semifinals. Both have already guaranteed themselves at least 1625 RMR points to be in contention for the lone South American slot at PGL Major Stockholm.

It did not start well for Paqueta, who went undefeated in the Swiss group stage, as DETONA picked up Dust2 in the overtime, 19-16. After that, however, it was smooth sailing for the favourite, as “nython” led the charge on both Vertigo and Overpass. Paqueta lost ten rounds combined in span of two maps and advanced to the semifinals, where they are going to face their rivals.

Bravos got to a fast start, making quick work of SWS on Vertigo (16-6) and getting ten rounds on the defensive side of Nuke. Wheels nearly went off afterwards, as SWS tied the score at 11 and then nearly came back from “11-15” deficit. Bravos, however, kept their composure and closed things out in the very last round of regulation (16-14) to move to the final four at CBCS RMR.

Both teams will look at the semifinal as their last chance to keep themselves in a race for the Swedish Major, so Saturday’s match can’t be missed.