Sharks stun MIBR, Bravos see off Paqueta at CBCS RMR

Sharks stun MIBR, Bravos see off Paqueta at CBCS RMR

A pair of stunners during South American RMR event

A pair of stunners cap Saturday at CBCS RMR

Paqueta looked to keep their undefeated run at the second RMR tournament of the year, as they stole Bravos’s pick of Nuke, but their rampant attempt at coming back on Ancient fell flat at the very end. Still, it looked very grim for Bravos on Vertigo, as Paqueta led “12-7” shortly after switching sides, but a monstrous performance by “JOTA” pushed them to win nine straight rounds to take the series “2-1”.

MIBR looked to continue their dominance in the region, but got ran out of Dust2 by Sharks Esports, who jumped to a “14-0” lead before MIBR barely dodged a “0-16” bullet, taking one round in the entire map. Overpass was all about defence again, as “jnt”’s team saw their “9-6” lead evaporate for a “10-16” loss and a yet another decider on Vertigo.

MIBR started strong with an early “4-1” but once Sharks regained control of economy, it turned into a “5-13” in a blink of an eye. RMR leaders attempted to stage a late comeback, but Sharks Esports held on to take the map “16-9” and advance to the grand finals.

Now MIBR will face Paqueta for additional RMR points in the third place match, while Sharks Esports, who took a lead in the RMR standings, will try to  take home the trophy against Bravos on Sunday.