Changes in the world rankings introduce a new team to the top-10

World rankings changed a lot after a couple of finished tournaments.

World rankings were updated and some changes are quite surprising. The top-3 didn’t change at all and there are still NaVi, G2, and Gambit on the top of the chart. NIP, who were on the 4th spot, lost 2 places because Heroic and Vitality rose up to the 4th and the 5th spot.

Another big change is the introduction of the new team to the top-10. Entropiq settled down in 9th place of the world rankings as the result of losing the Grand final of V4 Future Sports Festival to Gambit. Outstanding result for the CIS team.

Also, Astralis continue to fall down in the rankings because of the reshuffle and after the update, the Danish team found themselves in 20th place.