Chopper About w0nderful: "Igor Really Stood Out Comparing To the Rest"

Chopper spoke to reporters during a press conference before the IEM Cologne.

IEM Cologne is getting closer, and at the press conference before the tournament, more and more players are giving their comments. Leonid chopper Vishnyakov answered a couple of questions at this time.

The most exciting topic was Igor w0nderful Zhdanov joining the team. He told more about the tests.

We just watched different players during the tests, and Igor stood out from the rest. This is probably why the choice immediately fell on him after the first day of viewing.

chopper is pleased with the team's shape before the tournament
chopper is pleased with the team's shape before the tournament

Also, chopper spoke positively about the team's form before the tournament, which is very important for each team.

Our team is in good condition. We have been looking for a sniper for a long time, and now we have begun to build a game, train, try and play new cards.

In addition, the Spirit captain spoke about Sergey hally Shavaev, who was banned by ESIC before PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

As far as I know, management wrote some appeal to ESIC about hally. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact details, so I can't say more.

It is worth recalling that hally is the only one who remains banned from the trio of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 coaches that appeared in the investigation.

Spirit will face Complexity in the first round of the IEM Cologne Play-In tomorrow.