Chopper: "W0nderful Did a Great Job, Especially for the First LAN"

Spirit captain Leonid chopper Vishnyakov summarized his team's results of IEM Cologne.

Now we will have a vacation, after which we will analyze [the defeat], train, get better, and set new goals because there will be a new season. In theory, we have a fantastic tournament where we should be invited, there is a major, where there will be many exciting games. On a positive note, I liked IEM Cologne, because we have a new player, w0nderful, with whom we played for two weeks. I am glad that Igor showed himself as a great player, as it seems to me. Yes, you can do better and so on, but I think that for the first LAN, and especially the way he played, it's great. Now, for all the material that we have, we need to draw conclusions and try to become better for everyone, not only for Igor but also for me, as a captain, and for all the guys.
Leonid chopper Vishnyakov

Spirit took 9th-12th place at IEM Cologne along with Vitality, Cloud9, and G2. In the lower bracket, the team failed to cope with Liquid. Spirit won $16,000.