ChrisJ enters free agency

MOUZ have finally released chrisJ.

MOUZ continue rebuilding the roster, and today the organization finally released Chris "⁠chrisJ⁠" de Jong.

chrisJ is now a free agent
chrisJ is now a free agent

ChrisJ is by far the longest-standing member of MOUZ. He had been a part of the team since 2013. ChrisJ was shining throughout his long career and was a core member of MOUZ, who helped the team to win multiple trophies.

The first years in MOUZ weren’t really productive, but the team grew, and the roster was built around chrisJ. The team started to show decent results in 2017, winning the first big trophy at ESG Tour Mykonos. ChrisJ continued to perform on the highest level possible, and it led to 7 more trophies. However, at the end of 2020 players’ shape started to decrease, and he was benched.

Today the contract was finally terminated, and the future of chrisJ is foggy. There is still no information about it, and retirement might be an option.