Complexity stun G2, keep them winless in EPL S14

Complexity stun G2, keep them winless in EPL S14

Another loss for the favourites.

One more stunner to close out the day.

Third round in the ESL Pro League Season 14 was going to end with a European clash, as G2 Esports, still seeking their first victory, faced off against Complexity Gaming, who sat at “1-1”.

Back and forth on Vertigo, G2 Esports regained control of the half on their defence, switching with a three round lead. Despite the late comeback efforts, French-Balkan team’s offence proved to be enough with a “16-13” win, looking to turn the tide in the group play. Solid start by Complexity Gaming on Mirage gave them a “7-4” lead, but a quick B rush allowed G2 to get a narrow lead at the half. Winning pistol did not net any positive results, however, as Complexity instantly fired back and despite losing another eco at “13-10”, managed to even out the score with a “16-12” map win. Dust2 looked to be a complete stomp, as “blameF”’s team led “11-1”, but a late surge gave G2 Esports a chance down by seven. Another eco, this time, after a lost pistol, pushed G2 Esports to the nine rounds in a row, but the last four went the way of Complexity Gaming, who won the game “16-13” and the entire set, “2-1”.

The European mix, now at two wins and one loss, will now face off against, while G2 Esports have to beat forZe to keep any chances of advancing with three losses so far.