Complexity survive against VP, move to EPL S14 playoffs

Complexity survive against VP, move to EPL S14 playoffs

An unexpected run.

A massive win for the European team. looked to boost their chances of making playoffs after bouncing back in the third round, while Complexity Gaming could guarantee themselves a top-12 finish, despite playing with a substitute.

Solid defence allowed VP to switch with a five round lead on Mirage and despite a late comeback effort by Complexity, they secured their six points on the offence for a “16-10” finish. Dust2 looked to be a similar story, as CIS team had a three round lead at the half and seemed to take a lead for good at “14-11”, but European team pushed forward and forced a third map after winning last five rounds of regulation for a “16-14”. Overpass looked to be all but over at the break, as Complexity flooded the sites and got a massive “11-4” lead, but VP did not stop there. Round after round, CIS team got back into the game and even took the lead at “14-13”, but a clutch from “NaToSaphiX”, massive ace A site hold by “blameF” and a finishing touch gave Complexity Gaming a a second “16-14” in a row and a “2-1” lead.

The European mix is now through and will play against OG for the first place finish tomorrow, while VP need G2 Esports to get a win over forZe to have a chance of advancing before their match with G2 themselves.