Complexity Gaming to rebuild with "FalleN" and "coldzera"

Building another juggernaut.

The post-Major cycle shuffle.

With Complexity Gaming looking to rebuild their lineup, the North American organization let everyone, who had any ties to their success in 2020 and the first half of 2021, go, in an attempt to field a completely new roster in 2022.


With the head coach “peacemaker” not being released, many suspected that there might be some Brazilians involved with the team, the process which was sped up by the unsuccessful performance from Team Liquid at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. TL’s in-game leader “FalleN” is, apparently, now looking at reuniting with his old protegee in “coldzera”, who became a two-time Major MVP while playing under his guidance and all of that is going to happen under the Complexity Gaming banner. It remains to be seen, who will be the other players, if it is going to be a full Brazilian lineup or something like those MIBR iterations with “Stewie2k” and “tarik” going back in the days, but it might give the world another strong Brazilian squad to go with FURIA Esports, GODSENT and other teams.

With “FalleN” still playing with Team Liquid until the end of the year, including a BLAST Premier Fall Finals in Copenhagen, Denmark, in few weeks, the project will take time to be assembled, so there is still time to search for the players who fit the mix.