Complexity, Liquid, LookingForOrg, and Imperial get spots at IEM Dallas

Two slots at the event are left.

IEM Dallas is coming, and the list of participants is being formed.

The Oceanic, North American, and South American qualifiers have come to a close, and four teams got their spots at IEM Dallas. These teams are Complexity, Liquid, LookingForOrg, and Imperial.

Imperial lost three maps throughout the qualifier and had a competitive clash with MIBR in the final of the event. However, the new Brazilian squad continue their decent performance and will participate in the American event.

Liquid qualify for IEM Dallas
Liquid qualify for IEM Dallas

The North American qualifier had two spots to offer. Liquid showed better performance and got 1st, while Complexity qualified as the runner-up losing only to Liquid.

LookingForOrg had the most difficult qualifier for them. They’ve lost four maps throughout the event but still got the spot.

There are two slots for IEM Dallas left, and they will be distributed at the European qualifier in the following days. IEM Dallas starts on May 30th.