Copenhagen Flames go to Legends stage; Endpoint survive

The last matches of day 2 conclude.

The second day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B has come to a close, and one more spot in the Legends stage has been taken.

In the first match of the last pair of the day, Endpoint faced Sprout. Both teams lost their first matches, having 0-2 on the record.

Endpoint stay at the RMR event
Endpoint stay at the RMR event

The match started with Dust 2, picked by Endpoint. The map was close and continued in the overtime. However, Endpoint easily took down Sprout finishing the game 19-16.

Sprout chose Vertigo and showed their best performance on their pick. They won 11 rounds on the T side and didn’t let go after the sides switched. The map ended 16-7 in favor of Sprout.

The decider was Ancient. Sprout started the map in confident style, winning 11 rounds on the CT side. However, in the second half, Endpoint made an impressive comeback finishing the game 16-14.

Endpoint survive with 1-2 on their record, while Sprout leave the event.

In the last match of the day, CPH Flames faced NIP. Both teams finished the first day with 2-0 on their record.

CPH Flames go directly to the Legends stage
CPH Flames go directly to the Legends stage

Copenhagen Flames picked Vertigo, and it wasn’t an easy map for them. Both halves were close, and it led to the overtime. However, after the first 30 rounds ended, CPH Flames became more confident and finished the map 19-17.

NIP decided to play Overpass and collapsed on their pick. CPH Flames destroyed their opponents in the first half, winning 11 rounds on the CT side. The Swedish team tried to come back, but CPH Flames didn’t allow them to. The last map of the standoff ended 16-10.

Copenhagen Flames get the spot in the Legends stage of PGL Major Antwerp 2022, while NIP go to 2-1.