Russia Shelled Ukrainian Esports Memorials: Photos and the Reaction of the CS:GO Community

Russia Shelled Ukrainian Esports Memorials: Photos and the Reaction of the CS:GO Community

Representatives of the esports community commented on the consequences of the Russian missile strikes, after which famous esports locations suffered.

One of these places was the Alfavito hotel, where the entrance collapsed.

Hotel "Alfavito" near the "Ukraine" palace. It was here where esports athletes who came to tournaments in Kyiv lived. Here in the hotel bar, I once greeted rOtk with a victory on Minor [in Dota 2]. Likewise, all the top CSers of the world lived here when they came to StarLadder tournaments.
Vitali v1lat Volochai, co-founder of Maincast

The English-speaking analyst Launders remembered working at tournaments in Kyiv 6 years ago after seeing these photos.

We made many CS:GO and dota friends for the first time in this hotel in 2016 😔
Mohan Launders Govindasami

The second damaged building was the "Ukraine" palace, which hosted more than one Major tournament in various disciplines. Families with children often walk on weekends near this building.

All esports stars, from all over the world wouldn't fit in post, if to try mention everyone who played here, Natonal Palace of Arts, Kyiv. Three massive CS:GO event from Starladder, first Valve sponsored event in Ukraine, Kiyv Major in 2017. Russian missle hit near today...
Stepan Shulga, head of Parimatch eSports direction

The whole situation was summed up by Johnta, the former coach of HellRaisers, and CR4ZY, now the coach of FENNEL on Valorant.

Esports is out of politics?
Nothing is out of politics.

Open your eyes and do not be stupid.

Your tolerance and ignorance to the evil makes it cause more evil shit.

#Russia is leading the world's evil, help #Ukraine win and collapse it.
Ivan Johnta Shevtsov, coach

Today's tragedy again proves that it is naive position to close in your circle of people called "cybersport" and hope that the world's problems will bypass you. We hope that more people will understand this over time.