More stats before PGL Major Stockholm 2021

More interesting information before the event.

All the possible stats from the upcoming tournament.

It has been two years since the last Major, the StarLadder-hosted tournament in Berlin, Germany, where Astralis have secured their third straight and the fourth trophy overall at the biggest competition in CS:GO. Now two years later, the tournament returns to Europe, this time to Stockholm, Sweden with PGL organizing it.


More than fourty percent, 41,7% to be exact, will be reappearing at the event even two years later. That, of course, includes 21 players who managed to be in the playoffs during the last Major, with Astralis, Team Liquid, VP (ex-AVANGAR), Team Vitality and Evil Geniuses contributing the most. Some of the gamers, 4,2% retired, like “Zeus” or “RpK", while 10,8% moved to VALORANT with the likes of “nitr0”, “Ethan” and “NBK-” leading that group.

Two years was enough for another CS:GO competitor to emerge, but will it be enough for a team to dethrone Astralis, especially with “device” leaving to join Ninjas in Pyjamas? PGL Major Stockholm 2021 begins on Tuesday, 26th, so we will find out soon!