Daps: “I am looking to play again”

Ex-coach of Evil Geniuses shared the thoughts about his future.

Evil Geniuses have recently made changes to the roster preparing for the 2022 season. Damian “daps” Steele was replaced with Damien “maLeK” Marcel on the coach slot. After this transfer daps wrote a big post about his future on Twitter.

daps might return to the player role for the next season
daps might return to the player role for the next season

Daps complained that he couldn’t make changes to the roster and it was the biggest problem for him as a coach. Canadian was thinking about the changes multiple times but couldn’t approve it with the organization. According to daps, he had an idea for a dream roster built around Keith “NAF” Markovic, but Evil Geniuses had other plans. At this point, daps informed the organization that he had been no longer interested in coaching and his contract wasn’t extended.

At the end of his message daps said: “As for me I am looking to play again after my experience here I don't think I'd coach again unless I had some GM power to make changes to the roster”.

Daps’ contract ends on January 14th, and he is open to the offers.

Evil Geniuses didn't won any matches at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.