Data Miner Found Developers On Maps for Source 2

Another confirmation of the following change of the engine appeared on the network.

Data miners are publishing more and more rumors about the transition to Source 2. And today, one of them revealed fascinating information.

Maps where developers have been spotted
Maps where developers have been spotted

Data miner Aquarius reported finding Valve developers on servers with maps under Source 2. He made such an assumption by postscript s2 at the end of map names. Specifically, the developers tested ar_shoots_s2, cs_italy_s2, de_inferno_s2, de_lake_s2, de_overpass_s2 and de_shortdust_s2.

Earlier, there were rumors that the transition to Source 2 would be announced during PGL Major Antwerp 2022, but this did not happen. So perhaps, fans will have a big update soon.