Degster leaves Spirit

Talented sniper leaves the organization.

At PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Spirit showed the best result at the Major in the history of the organization, taking the 3rd-4th place. After such a performance, one can hardly expect changes in the squad, but today the team announced the benching of one of the players.

degster is put on a transfer list
degster is put on a transfer list

Spirit has announced the putting of Abdul "degster" Gasanov on a transfer list. The organization issued a press release stating that the player's position on the development of the team did not coincide with the position of the management, which is why they had to bid farewell to the sniper.

This news is truly sensational. Degster was an important part of the team, and it's safe to say that one of the reasons for Spirit's success was this player. His average rating at PGL Major Antwerp 2022 was 6.3, which is an extremely high result for the tier-1 tournament. In the overall rating of the players of this event, degster took the 18th place and became the best Spirit player. And at the moment, his average score is 6.6.