dev1ce wasn't sure about coming back to the CS:GO pro scene

dev1ce wasn't sure about coming back to the CS:GO pro scene

The Astralis sniper could not return to the pro scene.

Nikolai dev1ce Reedtz gave an interview to BLAST on Overtime, in which he talked about his return to the professional scene.

First, Dane spoke about what happened to him during almost a year of being inactive period.

I've worked a lot with a therapist on how to deal with stress in general, this has always been my biggest problem, my body just doesn't handle stress very well.
Nicholas dev1ce Reedtz

So this led to questions about continuing a career.

And I thought: “Do I want to return to this path again?” Because it's hard, but being here gave me good emotions, and it's nice.
Nicholas dev1ce Reedtz

How did dev1ce perform at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023?

The Astralis sniper made his debut on Tier 1 after his pause at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. Did the player manage to regain his former form?

dev1ce played the tournament at the highest level right after returning to tier-1. The player became the second-best player in Astralis after Benjamin blameF Bremer, who once again showed a great performance.

Astralis statistics at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023
Astralis statistics at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023

However, it was definitely not the peak performance of dev1ce. The player is still getting in shape and we will definitely see better performances from him this season.

What's going on with Astralis?

dev1ce is definitely not a problem in Astralis but the team clearly has flaws. The Danish team made it to the spring finals of BLAST, but it was not an easy run for them.

And the problem that lies on the surface is a weak individual game from all players except dev1ce and blameF. Lukas gla1ve Rossander can kinda be forgiven for the average performance due to his captain position and Andreas Xyp9x Häuslet plays mediocre as a defensive holder, then there are big questions for the newcomer of the team.

It was Christian Buzz Andersen who showed himself worse than all the Astralis players in this tournament. The Dane became the last but one player in the ranking at BLAST, only Hampus hampus Poser performed worse than him, who left the event after two matches.

Astralis obviously needs to do something with the young player, because he is clearly not ready for the tier-1 level, and the team does not have time to prepare. It feels like Buzz needs to choose the most comfortable and simple positions in which he can show a decent performance, otherwise, the team will have problems at the RMR for Paris Major.

When do Astralis play their soonest match?

The Danes have finished their performance at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. The next tournament for Astralis will be ESL Pro League Season 17, which starts on February 22nd.