Doto goes on bench

Doto is not in ENCE’s plans for 2022.

ENCE suddenly reported that they would also have changes in the roster. And these changes start with bidding a farewell to active players.

doto needs to find a new team for 2022
doto needs to find a new team for 2022

ENCE announced the benching of Joonas "⁠doto⁠" Forss. Doto joined the team more than a year ago and wasn’t shining in terms of statistics. However, he was still doing the job and helped the team to take second place at IEM Fall 2021.

But it was not enough for ENCE, and they are looking forward to getting higher in the world ranking. To do that, the organization needs to rebuild the roster carefully. They have already rebuilt the lineup at the end of 2020, but it was not planned, and the roster was made in a hurry. However, now ENCE have a chance to create a strong roster, looking for players on the market.